Antique miniature portraits of the Tormey-Holder Collection



Secondary Holdings of the Tormey-Holder Collection: Marion Caroline Hoffman Hartman



American Lady of the Reconstruction Era
(Post Civil War), Painted from a Photograph

circa 1922
Marion Caroline Hoffman Hartman (1892-1971)


Painted early in Marion Hartman's career (circa 1922), this miniature is painted over a faint photographic base, making it a lesser quality holding than works from later in her career that were painted freehand. It was, nonetheless, considered an important addition to the collection, as it serves as a good example of Hartman's early work. It also serves as a good example of how patrons of the early twentieth century commissioned artists to paint full-color copies of black and white photographs (in this case, a photograph from two generations prior).




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circa 1930-35





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