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French Artist: Marie-Sophie Loisier



Portrait miniature by Marie-Sophie Loisier depicting a distinguished looking French gentleman of the period of the French Revolution, seated at a desk.

Distinguished Looking French Gentleman of the Period
of the French Revolution, Seated at a Desk

dated 1793
by Marie-Sophie Loisier (fl. 1793-1802)
(signed Loisier)

2 5/8 inches diameter (sight)

watercolor on ivory; housed in a gilt metal surround that was likely
originally affixed within an ebonized wood frame or atop a snuff box


About the Artist: Marie-Sophie Loisier (name also seen spelled as Lousier, and also occasionally identified by her maiden name of Contouly) was a student of the acclaimed French painter Jean-Baptiste Regnault (1754-1829). She was active in Paris from 1793 to 1802. Exhibited several miniature portraits at the Paris Salon between 1799 and 1802. Listed by Benezit, Blättel (pages 594, 595), Lemoine-Bouchard (page 360), and Schidlof (page 514).










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