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English Artist: Ozias Humphry



Portrait miniature by Ozias Humphry, depicting an eighteenth century Italian gentleman wearing a fashionable, blue coat with a red collar

Eighteenth Century Italian Gentleman,
Wearing a Fashionable, Blue Coat with a Red Collar

circa 1775 (painted during the period when the artist lived and worked in Italy)
by Ozias Humphry (1742-1810)

1 7/16 x 1 10/16 inches

watercolor on ivory; housed in a minimalistic gilt metal frame that was
likely originally set within a more elaborate outer frame


About the Artist: Showing an aptitude for drawing at a young age, Ozias Humphry was sent to London in 1757, at the age of 15, where he studied at the St. Martin's Lane School and the Duke of Richmond's Gallery. In 1760, he was apprenticed in the town of Bath to miniature painter Samuel Collins (ca. 1735-1768), whose practice he ultimately succeeded. Relocated to London in 1764. From 1773, he spent four years touring Italy with the esteemed painter George Romney, after which he returned to London in 1777. Some years later, from 1785, he spent two years in India, after which he again returned to London. Exhibited at the Society of Artists from 1765 to 1771, and at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1779 to 1797. In addition to painting miniature portraits in watercolor on ivory, he also painted larger portraits in both pastels and oil on canvas. Considered one of the finest English miniaturists of the eighteenth century. Listed by Benezit, Blättel (pages 486, 487), Foskett (pages 572, 573) and Schidlof (pages 385, 386).



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Portrait miniature by Ozias Humphry, depicting an elegantly dressed Georgian Era lady

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