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Seventeenth Century French Mystic, Madame Helyot (1645-1682)

Artist unknown -- painted after a seventeenth century copperplate engraving by Gérard Edelinck (1640-1707)
circa 1800
3 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches (sight)


This charming portrait of Madame Helyot was painted approximately 118 years after her death. Bearing no signature or other identifying marks, the portrait remains unattributable; but it is clearly a copy of an earlier, seventeenth century engraving by Gérard Edelinck. The portrait was likely commissioned by or for a religious figure (perhaps someone associated with the Sisters of Saint Clare, the order that Madame Helyot herself was a member of), to serve as inspiration during his or her own spiritual journey.


Attribution Advice Welcomed:
Do you recognize aspects of this miniature portrait that you believe should be attributed to a specific artist that we have failed to consider? If so, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions and invite you to contact us.

A Note regarding Core vs. Secondary Holdings:
Being that a significant amount of our time and energy is spent conducting biographical research on the lives of miniature portrait painters and the subjects they painted, we have chosen to designate as "core" those holdings that can be attributed to specific artists or are of solidly identifiable subjects. Interestingly, however, some miniatures that are designated as secondary holdings are actually more finely painted or are of greater value than some of their core holding counterparts. For the purposes of this website, they will nonetheless remain designated as secondary holdings until such time as their subjects or the artists who painted them can be identified with additional research.






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