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French Artist: Marie de Chevarrier



Portrait miniature by Marie de Chevarrier, depicting young girl of the Second French Empire with large, captivating eyes

Young Girl of the Second French Empire with
Large, Captivating Eyes

circa 1860
by Marie de Chevarrier (1834-1899)

1 7/16 x 1 3/4 inches (sight)

watercolor on ivory; housed in a gilt metal pendant frame with mother of pearl to the reverse


About the Artist: Born in Paris in 1834, her maiden name was Marie de Péne d'Argagnon. Studied in Paris under French miniaturists Pierre Paul Emmanuel de Pommayrac and Lizinka Aimée Zoé de Mirbel. Works prior to 1854 are signed in her maiden name. Works painted after 1854, the year of her marriage to Charles Ernest Alphonse Chevarrier (1817-1881), are signed in red as, "M. de Chevarrier". Exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1852 to 1882. Died in Biarritz in 1899. Listed by Blättel (pages 218, 219) Benezit, and Schidlof (page 146).







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