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English Artist: John Barry



Portrait miniature by John Barry depicting a Georgian Era bride wearing a white dress and veil

Georgian Era Bride Wearing a White Dress and Veil

circa 1800
by John Barry (fl. 1784-1827)

2 5/16 x 2 15/16 inches (sight)

watercolor on ivory; housed in a fine, gilt metal pendant frame



A close-up of the portrait, providing a better view of the artist's brush strokes:



About the Artist:
Although he was quite a talented miniaturist, little is known about the life and origins of John Barry, who lived and worked in London during the Regency and Georgian Eras. He is said to have also worked briefly in Lisbon, Portugal in 1788. Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1784 to 1827. Known to have works in collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery (Nottingham, England), and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City). Listed by Benezit, Blättel (pages 124, 125), Foskett (page 486), and Schidlof (page 64)








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